Young Yang Chung is a textile historian and embroiderer. She earned a Ph.D. at New York University in 1976, with a doctoral dissertation on the origins of embroidery and its historical development in China, Japan, and Korea.

Through lectures, demonstrations, writings, teachings, workshops, and exhibitions, she has endeavored to foster appreciation of an art form often stigmatized as “women’s work” and challenged the notion of textiles as “minor arts.”

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Title: Unity, Date Created: Korea 1960s, Embroidery by: Young Yang Chung

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Book: Painting with a Needle: Learning the Art of Silk Embroidery with Young Yang Chung

Title: Unification, Date Created: Korea 1960s, Embroidery by: Young Yang Chung

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Seol Won Foundation


The Seol Won Foundation aims to bridge cultures East and West through scholarly exchanges, lectures, research, and vocational training for all age groups and levels of expertise. Focusing particularly on the textile arts, the Foundation strives to enhance public appreciation of the arts, highlight outstanding technical and aesthetic achievement in arts and crafts, and encourage the examination of art’s social and cultural roles through research and dialogue.

Vitrual Tour: The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum and Her Activities


Book Reviews

"Master embroiderer and world-renowned textile historian, Young Yang Chung brings a wealth of new information to light in Silken Threads, to date one of the most authoritative and comprehensive guides to the origins, history, aesthetics, and cultural context of embroidered textiles in East Asia. Lavishly illustrated with photographs of magnificent dragon and bridal robes, rank badges, kimonos, and other gorgeous embroidered textiles, this book is not only an indispensable reference in the field but also a delight to an eye. The reader will discover in greater detail ever before the fascinating evolution of the elaborately embroidered rank badge, a crucial element of clothing for all government officials at court in East Asian cultures. Chung’s recent findings about Korean and Vietnamese embroidery traditions are also new to this book. The author’s many revelations, uncovered through intensive research since the publication of her 1979 book The Art of Oriental Embroidery, should settle longstanding debates among textile scholars."

Robert D. Mowry, the Alan J. Dworsky Curator of Chinese Art, in Harvard University Art Museums

"Silken Threads is a exemplary production of scholarship,beautifully illustrated and completely documented .Dr.Chung's grasp of her subject represents the culmination of many years of extensive research by a LEADING AUTHORITY on East Asian embroidered textiles ."